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Number of students to be admitted: 30

Admission policy

Applicants for admission to this department should:
  1. Be motivated to seek interdisciplinary solutions to various problems relating to their specialties and to apply those solutions to the good of society.
  2. Be willing to play a leading role in society.
  3. Have the ability to conceive of flexible, original ideas, basic communication skills, and a broad range of general knowledge.
  4. Be interested in developing a theoretical understanding of their work and social experiences, and the issues they face at work and in society, and be willing to systematize this understanding through study at the university, if the applicants are working persons.

Selection of applicants for admission

Applicants who satisfy the requirements for admission to the graduate school are selected by means of a general evaluation of their experience, awareness of certain problems, ability to think, and future plans. The evaluation involves the examination of application documents. Including past achievements and performance, research plans after admission, and career plans after graduation, as well as an oral test.

Working applicants

Applicants who satisfy the requirements of admission to the graduate school and have work experience of three years or more are selected under special conditions.

Foreign students

Foreign applicants who satisfy the requirements for admission to the graduate school are selected under special conditions. The selection involves a Japanese language proficiency test, examination of application documents and an oral test.

Special consideration to students admitted for enrollment in October

Only a limited number of students are admitted for enrollment of October. To ensure that a systematic education can be provided to the admitted students without placing an excessive burden on faculty members, the students are given tutorials or required to study subjects arranged especially for them according to their individual academic needs, and also according to their conditions of enrollment and specialties.