Personnel Training and Education

Society’s leaders in the 21st century will need the ability to create new values that closely meet human needs and to provide greater satisfaction, both individual and social, with a deepened understanding of the very nature of human beings. With this in mind, we at Kyushu University intend to provide kansei education and research to train people who can play leading roles in creating new values based on a solid understanding of human nature from users’ perspectives. In particular, we are going to provide education and research programs to study kansei, with a view toward fostering the ability to integrate knowledge with users’ kansei and to contribute to greater joy in life and increased social satisfaction. The Department of Kansei Science has been established to train people capable of integrating the knowledge of disparate fields. They will also be trained to combine that knowledge with user kansei to enable user well-being and satisfaction, thereby opening up new scientific, social and economic opportunities. The Department will also work to enhance the abilities that will be required of these individuals in their new roles, namely, skills in planning, interpersonal communications, cooperation, and leadership. The Department welcomes people of diverse backgrounds and specialties, including university graduates, persons who have completed graduate courses, graduate students, business persons, government employees and NPO staff members, and offers educational courses designed to identify the functions of kansei, build kansei-oriented, empathetic and reliable human relationships, and create economic value by means of kansei.