Qualities of Students to be admitted

The “Department of Kansei Science” offers three educational courses, the “Kansei Research Course,” “Kansei Communication Course,” and “Kansei Value Creation Course.”

Kansei Research Course

For those who wish to engage in research activities involving objective measurement, analysis and evaluation of kansei, and who wish to apply these techniques, as experts, for practical ends.

Kansei Communication Course

For those with a great deal of curiosity, sensitivities to others’ problems, and a strong sense of social responsibility, who are interested in offering comfortable and safe venues and communities in which to develop kansei, as well as a desire to create products, services and intellectual properties for the good of users.

Kansei Value Creation Course

For those who are aware of the importance of promoting the creation of new kansei-oriented values in place of conventional technology-based product and service development, in order to innovate the economy, society and our lives – and who feel it is their responsibility to do so.