Qualities of Students to be admitted

Studies in this department are based on two academic fields that require a vast accumulation of research, i.e. library and information science and archival science. Meanwhile, students can also acquire knowledge in law, learning sciences, information science and other fields. The “field of the library” is our study subject, where new knowledge is created and maintained to enable user-oriented information management and provision. This is the first attempt in Japan to bring science into information management and the field of information provision, as well as to deal with literary works and archival documents in an integrated manner.

Since the subject information of our department is related with all areas, our prospective students to the Master’s Program are expected to arrive with various specialties and backgrounds. The curriculum provides a flexible course model that can meet varied educational needs, and advisors suggest a course of study that is finely tuned to each student. The teaching method is also unique. Students can acquire practical knowledge through team learning (PTL), where supervisors and students in diverse fields and interests work together to achieve a shared goal, and students can also participate in internship programs.

Students admitted to the Doctoral Program are expected to have acquired fundamental knowledge and abilities concerning the three fields of educational research in this Program—Library and Information Science, Records Management & Archival Science, and Information Science—as well as to have knowledge on Information Law and Learning Sciences, which is required to conduct research on “Library Science”. Students who lack knowledge and abilities in these fields are advised to take courses available in the Master’s Program after consulting with their advisor professors.